College Student life & Development

The KDU Student Council (SC) is an elected body of KDU College, which provides the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills. SC is also a group of Student Leaders - acting as a channel between the management and the students of KDU College to promote better understanding, encourage cross-cultural learning and communication to resolve arising issues for a better understanding.

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There are various student clubs/societies, which provide student with social, cultural and educational activities, as well as competitive sports, recreational programmes and leisure-time activities. New members are always welcomed!
1.KDU Youth of
2.Indian Cultural Society (ICS)
3.Professional Accountancy Centre Club (PAC)
4.Malay Cultural Society (MCS)
6.KDU Law
9.Christian Fellowship (CF)
10.Debate Association (KDUDA)
11.Student Council of
12.Student Academic Representatives,
13.Games Anime Youth
14.Expressive Design
15.All Star Sports
16.Performing Arts


For more information, kindly contact:

Sharifah Azura binti Tuan Muda
Assistant Manager – Student & Alumni Centre
Tel : +603 7953 6649
Email :

Ramzi bin Ahmad Bustami
Executive – Student & Alumni Centre
Tel : +603 7953 6652
Email :

Please read the Policies and Procedures of KDU Clubs & Societies to find out how you can register new clubs & societies.