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The KDU Student Council (SC) is an elected body of KDU College, which provides the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills. SC is also a group of Student Leaders - acting as a channel between the management and the students of KDU College to promote better understanding, encourage cross-cultural learning and communication to resolve arising issues for a better understanding.

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There are various student clubs/societies, which provide student with social, cultural and educational activities, as well as competitive sports, recreational programmes and leisure-time activities. New members are always welcomed!
School ClubsKDU Law
Professional Accountancy Centre
Student Academic Representative,
The Pre United
Cultural ClubsChinese Cultural
Christian Fellowship
Indian Cultural
Malay Cultural
Youth of
Interest ClubsAll Star Sports
Expressive Design
Games Anime Youth
KDU Debate
Performing Arts

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Ramzi Bin Ahmad Bustami 
Executive – Student & Alumni Centre
Tel : +603 7953 6652
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Please read the Policies and Procedures of KDU Clubs & Societies to find out how you can register new clubs & societies.

KDU Volunteer Initiative Project (KDU V.I.P.) serves as an arm of KDU’s endeavour to further uphold youth empowerment. As part of the resolution, this project is hence conceived to provide a platform for KDU students who are pumped with the desire to give their time back to society within campus ground.
At heart, the backbone of KDU V.I.P. is comprised of three pillars: KDU’s International Student Ambassador (KISA), Peer to Peer (P2P) as well as Green Trooper (GT). While KISA dedicates its effort towards promoting inclusion, diversity and culture, P2P serves to boost the significance of mental health awareness among peers. On the other hand, GT endorses environmental awareness and promote sustainability efforts around campus.
KDU International Student Ambassador

Here in KDU, we take pride in our KDU International Student Ambassador (KISA). Since its inception in 2017, KISA has since strives to serve the campus community as official representatives of their home country. In order to bring students of various nationalities together, numerous events including KDU International Day has been rolled out in order to foster harmony in diversity.
Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer (P2P) aims to help and support students resolve personal difficulties and acquire the skills, attitudes and knowledge that will enable them to take full advantage of their experiences at KDU.
Green Trooper

As part of KDU Sustainability efforts, Student & Alumni Centre is welcoming the genesis of Green Troopers. Guided by the Student & Alumni Centre, the Green Troopers comprised of a group of students that have a passion for conserving the environment. At its core, the Green Trooper are set out to take charge of the Eco Hideout, ensuring them to be in a well-managed condition. The Green Trooper will also be playing a vital role in planning and execution of eco-friendly awareness campaigns, visits, workshops and so on.
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For more information, please contact:

Nurfarhana Binti Razmin Shah
Tel: +603 5565 0458