Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC)

About Us

The Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) is located at the heart of KDU.

At TLC, we strive to encourage excellence in learning and teaching critically and independently. We believe in inspiring holistic, lifelong learning in students and lecturers.

We support the University, its different Schools, individual academic staff and students through transforming teaching and learning methods to achieve excellence.

We believe that the knowledge shared at our Centre has an impact on our community. Therefore, certain TLC events are also made available to the larger community surrounding KDU in order to enrich and engage interested members of the public. 

What We Offer
We aim to ensure that all academic staff have relevant, innovative teaching skills.

Teaching and Learning Centre strives to enhance the professional development of all lecturers of KDU.


Accelerated Introduction to Teaching, Research & Pedagogy (ACiD-TR/P) is educational training for KDU academic staff designed for multiple objectives that encompass all schools and as a platform for discovering and nurturing teaching and research talent in KDU. The series will involve seven sessions, within a period of two to three months.

It will promote camaraderie and networking together with sound and cutting-edge educational thinking.

All lecturers of KDU attend this training to ensure that their teaching meets educational standards.

  • To serve as an induction program for all new lecturers,
  • To serve as a refresher course for existing lecturers,
  • To integrate learning and teaching with research as well as the entrepreneurship initiative,
  • To foster research and /or pedagogical deliverables from lecturers,
  • To encourage inter-departmental sharing and facilitating among lecturers. 
  • Outcome Based Education (OBE)
  • Designing a proper lesson plan
  • Introduction to teaching best practices
  • Class management
  • E-Learning
  • Assessment workshop
  • Action research in academic settings 

Seminar and Workshop
We provide seminars and workshops addressing a wide range of topics related to teaching and learning to answer the needs of our lecturers and to enhance their ability to engage our students, such as pedagogy and best practices.
TLC also provides English language support for the academic & non-academic staffs of KDU. These short courses enable staff to brush up on their knowledge of grammar as well as to improve their writing and speaking skills.
Teaching & Learning + Postgraduate Consultation Clinic
Day / TimeClinicVenue
Every Monday (1pm-4pm)Teaching & LearningCollege
Every Tuesday (1pm-4pm)Teaching & LearningCollege
Every FridayTeaching & LearningCollege
Every Tuesday (1pm-4pm)Teaching & LearningUniversity College
Every Wednesday (1pm-4pm)ResearchUniversity College
Every Friday (1pm-4pm)Teaching & LearningUniversity College

Teaching & Learning + Postgraduate Training Calendar 2017
Month/Date Training Proposed
20Examination Blueprint Application Workshop
15Student Engagement Part I
16Session 1: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
16Assessment Training
17ACID TR/P - OBE and Academic Processes
23Session 2: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
24ACID TR/P - Design 
2Session 3: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
3ACID TR/P - Practice
9Student Engagement Part I
9Session 4: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
10ACID TR/P - Classroom Management
16Session 5: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
17ACID TRP -  E3 Learning
23Session 6: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
23Crowd Funding (ad hoc)
24ACID TR/P - Assessment
30Session 7: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
30Addressing of Special Need Students
3Teaching Style to Meet Diverse Learner Behaviour
6Session 8: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
7SPSS (Entry level)
13Session 9: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
14Research Using Ms Excel
21ACID TR/P - Action Research
25Action Research + T&L Research
25Teaching Style to Meet Diverse Learner Behaviour
27Session 10: English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
5Student Engagement Part II
9Teaching Style to Meet Diverse Learner Behaviour I
9Research for SOB
9OBE Awareness (SOE)
12ACID TR/P - OBE and Academic Processes
13Assessment/EBP for SHTCA
18Assessment Itemisation
19ACID TR/P - Design 
23Teaching Style to Meet Diverse Learner Behaviour II
25 (TBC)Seminar on Learning Outcomes (MQA), COPPA in depth
26ACID TR/P - Practice 
2ACID TR/P - Classroom Management 
9Student Engagement Part II
9ACID TR/P -  E3 Learning
16Jungle vs Garden: Hints for Better Classroom Management
17Qualitative Research
20Student Engagement Part II
TBCStudent Research Project Supervision(FYP) - SOE
23ACID TR/P - Design 
Month/Date Training Proposed
5OBE Workshop Module 1: Learning Outcome (I)
6OBE Workshop Module 1: Learning Outcome (II)
7ACID TR/P - Assessment
14ACID TR/P - Action Research
14ACID TR/P -  E3 Learning
21Mind Mapping
21ACID TR/P - Action Research
27OBE Workshop Module 2: Implementing OBE
28ACID TR/P - Practice 
28Assessment Based on OBE 
4 (TBC)Academic Conduct (*UPM PG)
25Effective Power Point Presentations  
28Rubric Assessment Based on OBE (SOE)
6Assessment Itemisation
7Session 1 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
8Qualitative Research
14Session 2 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
15ACID TR/P - OBE and Academic Processes
22ACID TR/P - Design 
28Session 3 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
5Session 4 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
6ACID TR/P - Practice 
12Session 5 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
13ACID TR/P - Classroom Management 
26Session 6 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
27SPSS (Intermediate)
2Session 7 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
3ACID TR/P -  E3 Learning
9Session 8 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
9Student Engagement Part III (sharing Session)
10ACID TR/P - Assessment
16Session 9 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY)
17ACID TR/P - Action Research
23Session 10 : English for Academic Staff: YES! (EASY) 
18Writing for Research Fund/Grant Applications

We take pride in the fact that our lecturers are enthusiastic and passionate about passing on their expertise to the next generation. We keep our finger on the pulse of the market and continually engage with our respective professional networks to craft industry-ready graduates.
To maintain high standards in our teaching, the Teaching Award seeks to recognise outstanding lecturers who have embodied these qualities in the past year.

Teaching Award Winners 2017
Karen has been teaching in the KDU American Degree Program for more than 9 years and has endeared herself to her students through her innovative teaching methodology and personality. Leaning on her background in Business and English, she taught Critical Thinking and Reading Skills, Introduction to Business, Human Resource Management and Marketing; all the while preparing her students for the rigours and cultural expectations of living and studying in the US based on her extensive experience during her time stateside. She always strives to leave an impact on her students and inculcate independent learning skills to enrich their study experience.
Timothy has been a joy for Communication students in SCCA for the past five years and has had a major impact moulding students in his field of expertise. Utilizing his skills in Public Relations and Advertising, Timothy teaches a broad range of subjects at Bachelor and Diploma level, focusing on Principles of Advertising, Strategic Brand Management, Media Relations, and Photo Communication. An avid photographer and videographer, many students in SCCA lean on his experience to hone their own skills based on his tutelage. He always seeks to infuse his big personality into his teaching and build well rounded students who are ready for the challenges of the PR industry. 

Teaching Award Winners 2016
She started her teaching career in year 2002 with the School of Pre University Studies, KDU College. The subjects she have taught are Computing Studies, Introduction to IT, Information Systems and Applied IT across programmes such as Foundation Studies (Business), AUSMAT, UNSW Foundation Studies (Commerce & Science) & Foundation in Arts. She have completed her Master of Information Systems with University of Tunku Abdul Rahman in 2014. She always strive to implement new teaching methodology in her classroom to make the learning fun and exciting. She hope that these initiatives will bring her far and well in the education field.

TLC provides support to the academic community in KDU through web-based Learning Tools. These tools serve to enhance the learning experience of the students in KDU as well as facilitate close communication and mentoring between the faculty and students:
A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) a model for delivering learning online content to SPM students who wants to take a programme, with no limit on attendance. 

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