EDUCATING THE FUTURE LAWYERS : A Guest Lecturer from University of Essex

Full house – Dr. Richard Cornes welcoming all students. Dr. Richard discussed the drawing activity with the students.
For the memory – A group picture of students with Dr. Richard Cones.  Registration for the event.
Student Alumni & Centre (SAC), invited a guest from University of Essex as a guest lecturer. Dr Richard Cornes delivered Courts and Psychoanalysis as a main topic on that day. The forum was held at Black Box, KDU College Damansara Jaya.
Students from Law Program (UOL) and A-level (Pre Law) participated in this event.
The discussion focused on courts procedures and psychoanalysis trials via United Kingdom Supreme Court case on abortion. Any excessively rigid, inflexible, or stereotyped pattern of thought, feeling, attitude or behaviour that results from the expression of and solution to unconscious conflict.
According to Dr. Richard, the hallmark of neurosis does not change in response to ordinary experience or learning, even in the face of considerable suffering and pain. Meanwhile, the interaction between Dr Richard and students went thriving together with the case studies.
The case studies focused on how pschoanalytical concepts can be explained and informed in legal processes.
One of the participant Nazaha expressed,  “It was a great experince for all law students. I’m able to gained a new knowledge and sharing sessions from another perspecive of law for another country. I learned a lot from just an hour of lecture by Dr. Richard.”