KDU University College Making Films to Contribute to Saving Tiger Campaign

Middle: the Secretary General YBhg. Datuk Zurinah Binti Pawanteh; no.3 on the right: Dr Li Qiao; no.2 on the right: KDUUC PhD student Raja Amin. With Professor Robert Thurmer, the Gallery Director and Chief Curator of Cleveland State University.
The KDU team, Raja Mohammad Amin Bin Raja Azhar and Saidatul Nurlin Binti Ahmad Hishamnuri, PhD candidate in Business, with team leader Dr Li Qiao (SCCA) at the Film Festival / Art Exhibition at CSU, USA. The KDU Team visiting the Film School at Columbia University, New York.
Monday 15 April 2019, a team from KDU University College has been invited by the Secretary General YBhg. Datuk Zurinah Binti Pawanteh of the Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources to attend a pre-production meeting with her and Lara Ariffin, President of NGO, and relevant Heads of Department regarding the Saving Tiger Campaign whose patron is Tun Mahathir Siti Hasmah. Dr Li Qiao (SCCA) led a production team from Kuala Lumpur, including one of our PhD student in Business Raja Amin, attended the meeting this afternoon in the Ministry in Putrajaya.
The production team plans to shoot a documentary film entitled Malayan Tiger: It’s Now or Never for the International University Students Media and Arts Exhibition 2019 in Shanghai this coming May. At the same time, the team wishes to contribute this film to Saving Tiger Campaign to promote awareness of the critical situation Malayan Tiger, the majestic animal of Malaysia, is facing today as its number has decreased to less than 200 in the wild. This documentary film also aims to start a nationwide screenings / workshops in various middle/high schools and colleges/universities in Malaysia upon completion to further share the awareness of saving Malayan Tiger with the young generation and initiate a social campaign for Saving Tiger Campaign in 2019/2020.
According to Dr Li Qiao, the KDU team was warmly received by the ministry and the meeting went through smoothly. Ideas for making the documentary and major concerns for Malayan Tiger’s critical situation have been discussed. The Secretary General has provided insightful suggestions for the film and generous administrative support for the production team to access location, materials and interviews etc. for a smooth shooting in the coming few weeks.
The KDU Team has been winning awards at a number of international film festivals. They were also invited to present the film In A Different Key at the film festival at Cleveland State University, USA in March 2019.
This film was presented in USA.The production team T-Shirt design photo for the Tiger film.